Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm
Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm 

Our Grass-Fed Beef

We raise purebred Black Angus cattle. Our all natural, humainly raised, free range cattle are never given artificial growth hormones or antibiotic additives! 



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Ordering is easy! Just fill out the form and email it to us. Questions? Take a look at our FAQ's or call or email us!




     Twelve Oaks Farm in Barrington, IL

We are taking orders now for delivery in mid October

- just in time for the holidays -


We have a limited supply - so be sure to order soon.  Our 100% grass-fed freezer beef is available in Quarters, Halves, and Whole orders. Customize your order working directly with the processor to get the thickness of steaks you want, and the cuts of beef you like.


Split an order with your friends or family! 

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Twelve Oaks Farm
Barrington, IL

Phone: 847-828-3882



E-mail: info@12oaksfarm.com