Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm
Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm 

About Our Grass-Fed Beef

Twelve Oaks Farm is located in Barrington on property that has a rich history of farming since the 1850's. Our native pastures have never been subjected to GMO crops or pesticides.  We raise our cattle using only the purest form of farming.


We started our business because we wanted to be able to raise the best beef possible for our own families. We wanted to know where our beef came from, how it was raised and what it was eating. We raise our beef humanely and provide only the best care and attention. 


Our purebred Angus are cared for in small groups and roam free in beautiful pastureland. They graze on fresh grass all summer, and grow naturaly without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotic additives. Now you can enjoy the same beef our families enjoy.  Click on the Order Forms & FAQ link for more inofrmation about how to order our beef.


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Twelve Oaks Farm
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